Mani Subramani

This is my central repository for photos ..for both my personal and professional life
I am happy to have you use this to upload and share India Seminar photos.
Downloading photos is easy..hover cursor on photo you want and click on download icon. You can also download the entire set of photos in one shot. Smugmug creates a nice zip file to download. We can do this at the end of next month once all of us have uploaded .
To keep this site organized, please upload your photos in the "School" category.
* Click on "School" category
* Upload photos into one of the 2014 India Seminar Galleries
* I have created one each for Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur/Agra and Other trips
It's really simple..upload your photos to what you like
* IMPORTANT - DO NOT DELETE PHOTOS (other than any you uploaded!)